Apr 1, 2014

Mini-ish Review--Fearless & Last Request by Rachel Vincent

Saving the world has never come easy and Kaylee Cavanaugh's died to prove it.

The final collection of New York Times bestselling author Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series is packed with emotion, with intrigue, with secrets, with family and above all, with love.

Don't miss WITH ALL MY SOUL, FEARLESS, NIEDERWALD and a brand-new novella, LAST REQUEST.

So this is going to be a somewhat mini review of both Fearless and Last Request in Rachel Vincent's final volume of the Soul Screamers series. Soul Screamers Volume 4 has With All My Soul, Fearless, Niederwald and Last Request in it. I've read With All My Soul when it first came out and even read Niederwald when I was reading the Enthralled anthology. I basically HAD to OWN this one due to this brand new novella to the series and it was definitely worth it! Plus, pretty cover!!

So basically I read Fearless and Last Request in this one. In Fearless, we get to meet Sabine before she ever came to Texas and cause a little chaos for Kaylee's life. I remember back then not quite liking her. I didn't like her coming between Nash and Kaylee. Of course I got over that once things started to pick up between Kaylee and Tod! Sabine could have Nash!

Anyway, in this story we see what her life was like when she went to a halfway house for troubled teens. All girls in this one. Sabine isn't the type to change herself for the better, because she's already the best she's going to be. But cooperating will at least get her some good marks so she can later be free and be with Nash. Plus, the halfway house has like twenty teen girls she could feed from during the night. 

But strangely, these girls don't have fears. No nightmares for her to feed off of, which in turn starts to make her weak. She doesn't really plan to solve the mystery, but when the trouble finds her and plans to make her life a living hell, well, it's game on. Because no one messes with Sabine!

Fearless was truly enjoyable as we, once again, get to see that side to Sabine that we didn't see when we first met her in the Soul Screamers books. She seemed cold and heartless then, but knowing her story behind her behaviors really allows you to feel sympathy for her. Sabine really is a sort of lost girl who just wants someone who loves her. And Nash is that someone for her. For in this story, they are still together. I like that at the end of this one, we kind of tie into the events of Reaper. Basically the aftermath and learning that Tod has died. It was a great story.

In Last Request, we finally get Nash's point of view! The first and last time it seems. Nash has to convince Tod to help him in finding Kaylee's mom's soul. It's been two years since Kaylee died, permanently and Tod is still grieving and pretty much has opted to give up on life. Nash pretty much twists Tod's arm into helping him, because Nash knows that this would make Kaylee happy. 

So the two brothers join together and track down Thane, the one that started all the hell and chaos in their lives, in order to get him to tell them where Kaylee's mother's soul is. And they basically wind up in the Little Shop of Horrors! When Thane proves to be most unhelpful, but for a minor clue. The brothers then find themselves in Niederwald, Texas, the town that really isn't a town. Sound familiar? Yup, the boys go back to the house of harpies that Emma and Sabine once visited in order to find what they are looking for.

I won't lie, I got a little misty eyed at the end of this one. Remember, it's only been two years since Kaylee died. Tod doesn't know yet, what we know. But just remembering the ending to With All My Soul did bring a smile to my face, except, at the end of this one, Tod is still sad. It was heart-rendering to see. But I did enjoy this one! I liked seeing the brothers working together and being brotherly towards one another. Tod still has his same spark that he's always had and I love that about him. What makes this story great, is knowing all it all ends, truly, in the final chapter of With All My Soul. Good times!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars


  1. Great mini reviews, I haven't read this series but you have me curious about the characters. I am so glad you found them satisfying :)

  2. Gah! I need to get these read, Jessica! I adore this series...well, anything by Rachel Vincent. :) Excellent mini reviews!

  3. I love that cover so much! I remember first seeing this series on your blog, and I have it added to my to-read list. I am definitely interested in these. Your title is cute too :D I love the Mini-ish for the reviews.

  4. Glad you liked these so much Jessica :) I haven't read the series yet, but I'm considering it! Great mini reviews! :)

    -Kimi at Geeky Chiquitas


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