May 9, 2014

Dark Days Tour Event +Giveaway!

Gotta keep this post short and sweet as I have to pack and get up super early to drive to NOLA tomorrow! But I went to the Dark Days Tour event where Kimberly Derting, Danielle Paige, Kelley Armstrong and Kiera Crass were in attendance! It was awesome! Even saw Christina, my blogger pal and some other friends from past STL signings!

I already had a pic with Kelley, so I just got one with Danielle and Kimberly and got my books signed! Overall it was a pretty fun night!

And as I said, gotta get packing and to bed to wake up with the dawn tomorrow!

So here's a giveaway that will go one while I am away and will announce the winner after RT. This is US only I am afraid. But the winner will get a SIGNED copy of Dorothy Must Die as it was one of my most anticipated releases this year! So happy to have met Danielle and got my copy signed. So I bought an extra to giveaway to one lucky reader! Have at it!

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  1. I live in Canada but have a US address can I enter? Oh goodness I hope so because I really would LOVE this book <3 Well I would LOVE the chance to give it a loving home :)

  2. Great photos!! I haven't read this one yet. <3 Thanks!

  3. GAH! I need this book like air <3 Thanks for the giveaway Jess :D And it looks like you had so much fun!!! SO JEALOUS!
    Happy reading

  4. I really want to read it, thanks for the giveaway! :D

  5. I have not read this yet but I will admit I LOVE signed books!

  6. I have been dying to read this. Just holding out a bit longer to see if I win before I buy a copy :-)
    Brittany @ please feed the bookworm.

  7. (This is Darith L.)

    This sounds really good! Want to read :D

  8. I've read Dorothy Must Die! :D It was good, and I'd love to own it.


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