May 10, 2014

Top 5 Sundays

Top 5 Sundays is a weekly blog meme created by Larissa at Larissa and Friends' Bookish Life

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This week's topic is: FAVORITE FICTIONAL MOMS

*in no particular order 

At least I am hoping this was the chosen topic! As of Friday morning it was and that's when I was writing up my posts for the week when I will be MIA! Besides, this is the one I want to do for Mother's Day anyway! Very fitting!


Sure to be a most picked mother today!! Molly was just amazing! The way she cared for Harry like he was her own. And naturally everything else she did with the Order and the fight against You-Know-Who!


While Rose's mother exhibits tough love in the beginning, at heart she was a good mother! I especially enjoyed her in the later books as she and Rose grew a little bit closer!


Cat's mom was pretty cool too! Sure in the beginning she drove me nuts, but I loved her character development throughout the series. And plus I always enjoyed her and Bones's interactions! While she might have made some questionable choices in raising her daughter, at heart she did have Cat's best interests in mind. Not sure why I chose this cover either! 


Yup, another mother from Harry Potter. Lily made the ultimate sacrifice for Harry in giving her life to save him. Now that's real mother loving right there! But I also enjoyed what we learned about Lily as a person. How she and Snape were friends for a time. She was basically a great person for all her life! And even in her afterlife when she and James and other spirits helped Harry out of a bind in book 4!


Eve was a pretty rockin mom too for the little time that she had! Of course she gets more time, somewhat sporadically later on. But she's may come across as being bad on low levels, but she did everything possible to protect her daughter. And that there shows you what a great mother she was!


  1. I think Eve was pretty amazing - her morals might be a little questionable but she definitely tried hard.

  2. Awesome picks! He have a couple in common but i do agree withe the others too ;)


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