May 8, 2014

Follow Friday

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This week's question is: Have you met a favorite author and have a picture? Share.

MY ANSWER: Oh yes I have! I've met quite a few authors! Generally I have to travel to see them. Usually just up to Chicago, but I have gone as far as Pennsylvania when I couldn't wait any longer to see Maria V. Snyder! Ended up going to the signing day at RT 2008! The first author I ever met was Kim Harrison. And that was in 2005 when I didn't know about RT and it was in St. Louis! GASP!

Kim was signing at a Waldenbooks (sob! Borders affiliate!) at a nearby mall so I went then! Later saw her again in Chicago (multiple times) for her books as well!

TONIGHT I am going to the first St. Louis signing since 2012! Not many authors come my way, but I was psyched to see that Kelley Armstrong, Kiera Cass, Kimberly Derting and Danielle Paige are all in attendance!! So excited about that one! There'll be a separate post for that (then I gotta pack for RT!)!

But here's a picture of me and Andrea Cremer when I met her in 2012! That was seriously the best year for author appearances in St. Louis!


  1. A great photo and how fantastic you have met so many wonderful authors, enjoy the signing tonight; I'd especially love to meet Kimberly Derting & Kelley Armstrong.

  2. Great photo! It's really cool to be able to meet authors! :)

    Michelle - new follower via bloglovin

  3. You're so lucky that tour is coming to your area! Nobody ever comes up by me either. At least not very often. I mean, I get it but it still sucks. Why couldn't I just live in NYC?! lol

    Andrea @ Bookish

  4. Aww Andrea Cremer was actually just at Andersons (naperville/chicago) but I couldn't go. I will be at the Dark Days Tour on Saturday though. Yay!

  5. Very cool!
    I followed you on Bloglovin'

    Diane @ Diane's Book Blog

  6. That's so awesome! Some authors come here but my schedules never match, huhu. Enjoy the signing tonight! :)

    Thanks for dropping by our blog! Happy Friday :D

  7. I would have loved to go to the Dark Days tour! I'm completely with you that not many authors come my way. Glad you got to meet some favorites though!
    Cassi @ My Thoughts Literally

  8. Kiera Cass! :) I'm hoping to meet her soon :D

    Jackie @Jackie's Book World

  9. Cool pick! That's awesome that you got to meet her! Have a great weekend Jessica! :D
    My FF

  10. What a great picture!! Glad you got to meet her :D

  11. That is so cool! I wish more authors came my way as well. Thank you for stopping by. :)

    Old follower

  12. Nice! I haven't had the chance to meet any authors recently as they rarely come to my neck of the woods which is sad!

    Thea @ Gizzimomo's Book Shelf

  13. Awesome! I picked Kim Harrison as the person I wanted to have dinner with. I'm jealous you got to meet her :)


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