May 8, 2014

Random Thursday

It's May 8!! We are in the final days to RT 2014!!! Sooo freaking excited! And a bit sad too, as I know this might be my last RT for a year or two. Depending on where 2016 is of course! It's a very pricey adventure, and even though I have a ton of fun every's still pricey.

Here's a picture of the books I plan on bringing to get signed! I try to catch a few authors before the big signing day. As this RT is going to be huge! MASSIVE! Tickets I believe sold out. They have reached room capacity for the panels. It's going to be EPIC!

I know it looks like a lot! And yeah, it's four tall stacks, but there's really like maybe 6 or 7 books on average for some authors. More for a few who I've never met and probably a few more even for Keri Arthur as I haven't seen her in years, so that's a lot of books built up! And there's like 10 books for Carrie Vaughn since I've never met her and have all the Kitty Norville books! It's going to be fun!
And don't worry, I still got plenty of truck space to bring a box load and several bag loads home!!

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  1. Ahh so pretty <3 You'll have to tell me all about it!


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