May 6, 2014


I have a ton of winners to announce for all the contests I had going! I wanted to thank you all for entering! I do love having giveaways and sharing the book love! And if you didn't win, never fear! I have more contests planned and they are upcoming!

Let's get to it!
The winner of the SIGNED copies of Shadow Falls: The Beginning & ARC of Reborn is...BRANDEE PRICE!

The winner of the SIGNED copy of Shadow Falls: The Beginning is...BRI!

The winner of the SIGNED copies of Beauty Awakened & Burning Dawn is...JOY FLYNN!

The winner of the SIGNED copy of Alice in Zombieland is...ALICE ATORLY!

The winner of the SIGNED copy of First Grave on the Right is...BRANDEE PRICE! (I did try to keep choosing but all my entries came from two people and they both already won a prize, and since there was nothing I could really do since I had sent Brandee her first email win, I allowed for Brandee to accept two prizes!)

And finally the international winner who will get the first three Intertwined books is...MICHELLE AURICHT from Novels on the Run!

Whew! That was a lot of winners! Congrats to you all! I have sent emails out for you to claim your prizes. You'll have 48 hours to claim your prize or else new winners will be chosen! 


  1. Thankyou Jessica!! Woot!! I have replied to your email. Wonderful news to wake up to. Much appreciated :D


  2. Congrats, ladies, on your wins!! And thanks again, Jessica, for the giveaways! :)


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