May 15, 2014

Random Thursday

Over the next few Thursdays I will be presenting to you some Disney Fun Facts! I was watching this video that was literally about some things that you might not know about Disney movies! So here's our first fun fact! It's a combination of two from the video!

Did you know...

that Ariel was modeled to look like a young Alyssa Milano?


that Aladdin was modeled to look like Tom Cruise? (I'm assuming the video meant a young Tom Cruise or Tom Cruise from 1992)


  1. I did NOT know, and I have an entire board on pinterest devoted to Disney, so I LOVE fun facts like these ;)

  2. I did not know either of those things. Honestly, I'm not sure I can see it (at least from the pictures - sometimes you can pick things like that up more when you actually watch the movie). I do think it's really interesting when you see Disney characters and you can kind of pick up physical features of the people they were made to look like!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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