May 9, 2014

Review--Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

The boy who refuses to grow up teaches Wendy and her younger brothers how to fly. Then it's off to magical Neverneverland for adventures with mermaids, Indians, and wicked Captain Hook and his pirate crew in this illustrated, easy-reading adaptation of the classic fantasy.

I have seen many movie versions of Peter Pan but I have never read J.M. Barrie's original story until now! It was quite delightful to say the least!

I found that the Jeremy Sumpter movie, that's like 10 years old now, was the best adaptation of the story. Just the lengths it went to, to stay true to the original tale was astounding!

We all know the tale of the boy who never grew up. Who didn't want to. And who didn't envy him sometimes? Of course there is that childishness to Peter and always wanting to be a boy and not be any kind of mature.

I loved reading this story and reliving Neverland and all the adventures that it holds! Flying, fighting pirates, mermaids, Indians! It's all a great adventure. If you're at all a fairy tale fan, and a Peter Pan story fan, then I highly recommend reading this one! It's a fairly quick read even with its near 200 pages. But I especially enjoyed this B&N edition with the illustrations!

A simple delight to say the least!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars



  1. I really need to read Peter Pan. This is such a beautiful edition.

  2. I really should read the original! I read an netgalley ARC of Alias Hook, a twist on Peter Pan where Hook isn't the main villain and it was so interesting. And I love the 2003 Peter Pan movie, it was my favorite as a kid.

  3. I really need to read this..wonder if I can find a good narrative version to listen too. :)


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