Dec 16, 2017

The Birthday Book Tag!

I saw this tag earlier this year at Cornerfolds! Since my birthday wasn't until December I saved it all these months until I could do it! Tracy had initially saw it at BrunetteBibliophile on Youtube! So here we go!

Count your birthday along your bookshelf and then subtract your birth month. What book does it land on?

For this, I went to my TBR shelf and went to the first stack and started counting! The more I see my TBR books, the stronger the guilt! Must remind myself of these books and read them accordingly! LOL!

If you could spend your birthday with any fictional character who would it be and why?

I would have to say Janco from Maria V. Snyder's Study series! That man has made me laugh since day one! And I could definitely use a good birthday full of laughs!

Find a book that takes place in the season you were born in.

Although technically I am born in the last days of fall, I've always considered myself a winter baby! So I went with winter and naturally chose one of my most favorite vampire series! At Grave's End was winterish, from what I can recall! I remember snow for sure! LOL!

Find a book that's the color of your birthstone.

December is a tough birthstone! I mean depending on who you ask, it could be a turquoise topaz, or blue's all over the place! Okay, it might just be those two or a possible third. I can't really remeber. So I saw the cover for Dreamfall by Amy Plum and thought it kind of has all the colors in it somewhere! Some turquoise, or more of a blue color! Whatever one you want to say is December, I'd say this book cover has it!
 Is there a series with the same number of books as your age? If so what is it?

So getting old sucks. Yeah...I can't think of one! At least none that I've read. And I mean, I feel like that might be the point of the prompt? Or maybe not. Regardless, I couldn't think one with my unspeakable age. Like legit I still can't believe I've reached this age! Ack! The Other series by Christine Warren is the longest series of mine (that I still need to finish!) that I have. And it's only 15 books long! I think I'm about halfway through it too.
Pick a book set in a time period, world or country you would like to have been born in.

As if there were any other options! Well, okay yeah, that's not true! But seriously, I would've love to been born to a world of magic and having the ability to wield it!


  1. Janco would be the perfect partner to make someone laugh all day long. You'd certainly have a birthday full of laughs.

    Happy readings! ;)
    Tânia @MyLovelySecret

  2. Fun tag! The series question would be hard. I can't think of any that would have enough to equal my age either.

  3. As much as I love HP, studying at Hogwarts sounds hard!!

  4. Yeah, there's no way I could find a series with the number of books for my age. Well, maybe the Magic Tree House books? I think there's a LOT of those! LOL!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  5. Oooh! This post caught my eye, because my birthday is coming up soon. This looks like a fun tag. Ohhh, and I've been wanting to read Ten Thousand Skies Above You as well.



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