Aug 2, 2012

Random Thursday

Did you hear about the new park...or section in Disneyland? It's called Cars Land! Heard about it a few weeks ago and put it in the first available RT (Random Thursday--not to be confused with Romantic Times) post!

And it looks pretty awesome! I've never been to DisneyLAND, but I hope to go some day! Just because really. Okay, a part of it is because there's a Johnny Depp animatronic in their Pirates of the Caribbean ride! But hey, this just adds to the incentives to go! If my family or I ever wins the lottery!

I've only seen parts of the movie Cars, but it's pretty cute! Boys gotta have their Disney flicks too! But the park is really awesome because they make it look like Radiator Springs--the place that Lightning McQueen goes to!

It's always cool to go to a park that resembles a movie--still dying to go to the Harry Potter park! One of these days!! It makes you feel like you're there in the movie! Part of why I LOOOOOOVE the Peter Pan Adventure ride at Disney World! And why I will eventually LOOOOOOOVE the Little Mermaid one too!

The rides look cute too! 

You get to ride a track in one of the Cars! There's also one where you ride in Mater Trucks and it spins around like the Scrambler, I think. And another is some sort of Bumper Tire ride where the bumper tires are floating over the ground! Then there were beach balls too! But that was just in the commercial on Disney channel I saw! Not sure if it was for the actors or if it's really apart of the ride!

Anyway, still sounds cool!

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