Aug 31, 2012


Sorry for the weirdness everyone, but I need to post this pic of myself online in some way! Since I don't have a Twitter or Facebook account--please don't shame me!--I decided my blog would have to do!

I am entering a contest on Julie Kagawa's blog! The prize? A signed set of her soon to be released set of the Iron Fey Books! It's coming out in a handy dandy combo pack, to enter you must take a picture of yourself with the NEW The Iron Legends!

I got this in the mail earlier this week, and will feature it in my STS. But for now, I just need to post the picture! It wasn't easy to take either since I took it myself of myself!

Didn't come out too horrendous!

Yeah, still a little bad! I hate getting my picture taken, but since I would looooooove to win a signed set of the books, this shows my gumption to win!


  1. YES! I'm glad Im not the only one who doesn't have a twitter and/or facebook. Let's start a club!

  2. Oh good luck! I totally understand, it's a beautiful prize!

  3. Its a cute picture! And taking pictures of yourself is always hard.

    Good Luck, I hope you win.


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