Aug 16, 2012

Random Thursday

So today's random thought goes to Disney! This might even be a short post! Surprise, surprise!

Did you notice that Disney's last three princesses had both of their parents? Well, granted Tiana's dad did die later on, off screen at some point. But I guess more surprisingly it was her dad who died!

Rapunzel even had both her parents! Even though she didn't really know it since she was kidnapped as a child. She got them back when she turned 18, and viola! Both mother and father were alive!

And though I haven't seen it yet, and likely will be just waiting for the DVD, Merida had both her parents!

I'm wondering if this generation of Disney peeps are realizing what nearly all their princess stories had going on. No mothers. Except for Aurora! She was the only princess who had both her parents along with these new ladies!

And you know what always bugged me? They never ever explained why mom wasn't there! Of course Snow White and Cinderella are exceptions for I believe they say that the mother died. Snow's mom died in child birth and we know Cinderella's died since her father remarried.

But Belle? Jasmine? What up with that? (and I intentionally used what up, instead of what's up! ;)  )

It wasn't til Ariel's Beginning that we learn what happened to her mother. Which I did really love that movie! Partly because we finally had something explained to us in at least one Disney tale!

That's all!


  1. So funny... I dont think I ever realized that before.

    But Im glad Disney princess's have both their parents now! :)

  2. Jane from Tarzan isn't a princess but her mother was absent too and I don't think they ever say why either.


  3. Yup, and they are getting older too. How old was Ariel, 15? You need to watch Brave, it's awesome. You should rename this meme Radom Disney Thoughts!

  4. I have heard so many people talk about this... parents are usually bad in Disney movies!!! We always talk about this!!

    I love Disney...


  5. That's so true! OMG! Something I never though about. Also Pochaontas doesn't have a mother around. Only a father. Weird, right? :)


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