Aug 9, 2012

Random Thursday

Sometimes I get a little bored, usually on the weekends when I am on my computer and feel like taking a break away from my books. After I do the blogging and visiting other fave websites, I like to amuse myself with two of these fun websites!

The first one is the CPB Hero Factory! I get a kick out of this one when I want to maybe create a character idea. But usually I just have fun making a kick ass heroine or making a totally weird one!!

This one up here is one I did design myself a few years ago! Yup The CPB Hero Factory has been around for awhile! 

Also another fun one to visit, that I don't have a pic of is the Pony Creator! I found this one through a fave author of mine! It's really fun! You can choose all sorts of details to the pony! I've created a few and pretty much always use the same background!

A room filled with books! Go figure! ;)

And that's what I do when I get a little bored and need to unleash some creative energy!

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  1. Oooh the hero creator site sound cool--I'll definitely have to check it out later! When I get bored, I usually go on 9gag or Tumblr... and once I go there, it's so hard to leave! X)


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