Aug 23, 2012

Random Thursday

Today is August you know what that means? 

You might. I've been talking about this once a month for awhile now...

YUP! It means there's only 250 days til RT 2013 in Kansas City! 

And guess what? I have managed to snag a roommate!! But still, I urge you other bloggers to come along too! I would love to meet up with any of you if you're going to show up! Even if it is for a day! Saturday is the most popular day as that is the MEGA author signing!! 

Soooo can't wait! This will likely be my last RT for awhile. It's pricey, so I am glad I have a roommate to save on costs to the hotel room at least, but it's still a lot of fun! And this year, I plan on making an agent appointment, maybe a few, so I can query my book in person. I feel like the query letter doesn't do my book justice because I think the agent sees it as just another vampire book. But like many authors, I am proud of my baby and I would like to see it published.

If all else fails I might turn to self publishing! What would  you guys think of that? Would you buy my book?


  1. It's sad that vampire books get so much crap now-a-days. I think self publishing is awesome. Some of the best books I have read are self-published. Plus, I love that I don't have to wait a whole year to get a new book. Have fun at RT in 250 days and good luck with your book!!!

  2. It is odd, since I've read the readers actually still favor vampires. huh. The publishing industry ebbs and flows, but you know, self publishing isn't as stigmatized as it used to, be Jessica so if all else fails, by all means, self publish! Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck. And have fun at RT! (Yes, conventions are way too expensive...but that's another conversation entirely.


  3. I'll buy your book! long as your vampires don't sparkle ;)

    The RT sounds super fun! I wish I could save money to go there.


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