Jun 2, 2018

Comic Book Review--Scooby Apcalypse #15-19

We finally catch up to the migrating monsters—and their destination is even more horrifying than anyone imagined! But before the gang can act, Scrappy-Doo and his pack of smart mutts show up with a heck of a grudge against Scooby. It’s two threats for the price of one! And, in the backup story, Scrappy strikes again—and someone pays the ultimate price!

Finally did a little bit of comic book reading! Since I've gotten so far behind and yet still continued to buy the comics, I decided from this point (and I counted and theorized over it) that I'll wait for the compilations of the comics to come out! I'd save money this way too as the comics cost me $4+ every month. Not bad, but in the long run I'd do better with a $15ish book of 5-6 comics!

What was nice about diving back into this series is that I wasn't totally lost as to what was happening. The gang just escaped Velma's brother who had died and was the reason why there's a plague that's making humans turn into monsters and causing an apocalypse. The gang has gotten separated a bit and are trying to find one another again. Daphne and Velma find themselves surrounded by monsters and get help from Scrappy Doo himself, which was truly shocking since he's still out to get Velma for her role in making him this super puppy. Though he's still losing his mind and wants her to fix that!

This is seriously one wicked awesome comic book series and I guess the good thing about being behind is all the binge reading I get to do!

The illustrators contributing to this one were J.M. DeMatteis, Keith Giffen, Carlos D'Anda, Dale Eaglesham, Sean Parsons, and Ron Wagner! The artwork is seriously awesome! It's weird seeing my favorite characters with more modern edges to them, but I like it all the same!

Rating 5/5 stars

It’s life or death! Faced with the choice between the two, the warring groups led by Scrappy and Scooby must join forces in order to survive the menacing mega monster! Will they survive the fight? Or will they be absorbed into the belly of the beast forever?! Then, in a special bonus story…international mammal of mystery, Secret Squirrel, is back in action!

In the last issue, Scrappy discovered that the monsters were forming one giant super monster at the power of another monster. It's crazy how many monsters there are in this series! But then again, nearly everyone in the states are monsters! Scrappy will need to get some help from good ol' Scooby Doo if he wants to put a stop to this mega monster.

This issue focused more of the dogs then the gang themselves. And since I'm reviewing this the day after reading it (late night comic book reading at its finest!), I can't really remember if they were there. I don't want to confuse what happened in this issue with another issues! So this was more likely a Scooby and Scrappy issue!

There was also a mini story in back that introduced Secret Squirrel! I'll admit I never watched that cartoon in its rerun heyday. Oddly enough, it made me realize that the cartoon within Dexter's Laboratory, Dial M for Monkey, was like this cartoon! 

Rating 4.5/5 stars

Now that the mega-monster has been untangled, a small army of monsters lurks around every corner waiting to destroy the gang forever. Little do they know, the greatest threat is one they can’t see. Can Scooby’s nose save the day? Then, in our backup story, Secret Squirrel embarks on his latest mission with the help of his trusted partner, Morocco Mole.

The gang believes that Scooby and Scrappy are missing or possibly worse. The monster controlling the monsters to create the mega monster has been destroyed. The individual monsters still remain, but that's always going to be a problem apparently! Daphne, Velma, and Shaggy find themselves trapped in some trees while the monsters patrol the grounds below them.

We get a little more of Daphne's backstory in this one. Some flashbacks and whatnot that kind of show how she's had a rough time of it in the past. Meanwhile, Fred is awaiting Daphne and the other's return, getting very worried about her.

I really love how in this series Fred isn't afraid to show Daphne how much he cares for her! I mean come on, even as a kid I felt like Daphne and Fred were a couple since they split up together to find clues more often than not!

There's yet another Secret Squirrel episode in this one where we learn that despite being sent on a super important mission he'll have to deal with the assassin that's on his tail now as well.

Rating 5/5 stars

Welcome to the block party from hell. After barely escaping with their lives, the gang seeks shelter in a nearby town that seems untouched by the disaster. But looks can be deceiving.  Meanwhile, in our backup story, Secret Squirrel takes his first steps towards saving the world…maybe.


The gang have finally all been reunited and for the moment are safe. But safety never lasts long, not in this world. We learn that Scrappy is once again may be MIA. He had come back at one point but went to fight monsters again and hasn't returned and the gang fears the worst. Poor Cliffy is besides himself since Scrappy has become his best friend in this scary, scary world.

Velma continues to feel guilt over her role in the apocalypse and is struggling to figure out a cure that can put everything back to rights. This issue dragged a little bit in the action area though it still made for great entertainment in the other parts such as character development and furthering the plot.

At the end of the issue, the gang make a most marvelous discovery...one that seems to good to be true!

We get another Secret Squirrel issue in this one as well where the assassin makes his move to take out the pesky agent who continues to ruin the plans of his employer.

Rating 4.5/5 stars

Tensions begin to rise when the Scooby gang takes refuge in a seemingly safe town. As the gang tries to hold together, a looming new threat completely unlike the monsters they’ve faced before reveals itself. The gang now faces being torn apart by two enemies: the monsters…and themselves. Meanwhile, Secret Squirrel must face the consequences of his disastrous actions.

The gang has come upon the impossible! They've found a town that has been completely untouched by the plague. There are no monsters, no danger, nothing and the townspeople have no clue about what's going on out there.

Daphne thinks there's something iffy about the town, it just seems to good to be true and doesn't think it's wise to stay but the gang has no choice but to stay as the sheriff isn't letting them leave.

Then Cliffy runs into a young girl his age, Carrie who wants to be best friends. She even tries to give him a new arm, but the magic behind that didn't win him over and soon the gang find themselves kicked out of the strange little town.

This mystery really blew me away, I was not expecting the ending that we got with it and I will be really curious to see how it might effect future issues...which I hopefully will be reading tonight! Lol!

There's another episode with Secret Squirrel in which Agent Honey Bea will have to set aside her difference with 000--his agent code name--and help him out of bind!

Rating 5/5 stars 

Overall a rousing round of comic book reading! I love binge reading these comics like this...though of course I've waited too long to get back to this series. Which also is why I think I should switch to reading the compilations. The downside is now I've got to wait probably a year before the next one will be published as I've acquired all the comics to date and have now reached the point where a new compilation will be set into motion. 

This is definitely a series I would recommend to all older fans of Scooby Doo! Definitely don't let your little Scoobies read this because it's very much a Teen and older series. It's even rate T for Teen. There are some scary pictures and in a previous issue above, something unexpectedly scandalous! Though based on the covers I have of the later issues, I will be curious to see what happens next! Lol!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars


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