Jun 14, 2018

Random Thursday

Let's try for round two of The Little Book of Answers by Doug Lennox! So far I am really liking this book! The first round of questions answered were quite intriguing! Let's see what we'll learn today!

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In the 10th Century, England gave the Scottish king land in London with the stipulation that he build a castle there and live in it for a few months every year in order to help stop the hostilities between their countries. In the 17th Century the two nations were united under one king and the land returned to English ownership. It was in 1829 when the London police took up residence on the land, which was then known as Scotland Yard. 

That's pretty interesting I think!

(image borrowed from the New York Post)
Wall Street's origins date back to September of 1653 when the settlers living in today's NYC felt threatened by Natives and the possibility of an invasion by Oliver Cromwell's army. To protect themselves, they built a large wall that stretched a half-mile across Manhattan Island. The wall was basically in the same place that would soon become the financial center of the world, Wall Street.

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Tin Pan Alley became the center of the song publishing industry in the late 1800s in NYC. Tin Pan Alley was actually a real place in the city and was the name of one of the side streets off Times Square. This was where music publishers auditioned for new songs. It was in the late 1800s when the sound of tinny pianos coming through open windows of the publishers reminded people of a beating against tin pans.

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The people of Oklahoma gained the nickname "Sooners" in the 1800s when the American West was first opened. Free land east to the Rockies was being offered to early pioneers but to keep everything fair, they were only allowed to take forty acres after a race to the region on a specific date and time. Those headed to Oklahoma basically cheated and left early before the official start of the race. They gained the name "Sooners" for they arrived "sooner" than the law abiding pioneers.

That's interesting! But wow, what a way to get a nickname, by cheating!

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The phrase, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" comes from St. Augustine who had sent St. Ambrose on a mission to Rome. Ambrose was concerned about being in a different place with different customs and whatnot, especially when it came to the holy day observation since Romans fasted on a different day than was his custom. St. Augustine basically told him to do as the Romans do.

I feel like this is sage advice. Just like when you go somewhere where the meal times may differ from your usual, you just go with the flow and eat at the later times--I guess this is more in line with being in a group of people from said "place". Lol! Traveling solo a lot, I still eat my meals whenever I am hungry!

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The word "hooker" was originally thought to come from the camp followers of Union General Joseph Hooker. Names used for his camp followers were ones such as "Hooker's division" or "Hooker's reserves" but that's a myth. The word actually predates the American Civil War, as does the profession. In 1845, the name first appeared when referring to an area of New York known as "the Hook" where the ladies of the night could be found in abundance.

I guess I never thought about the origins of "hooker."

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The origin of "male chauvinist pig" has quite the history. Chauvinism originally meant excessive patriotism and came from the name Nicolas Chauvin, a French general who was known for his utter devotion to Napoleon Bonaparte. "Male chauvinism" was a description of a man preoccupied with manly things during the 1950s and the word pig, was borrowed from the slur used on policemen, was added by the women's movement in the 1970s.

Quite a lot of borrowing all around, wouldn't you say? Lol! And look how cute this piggy is!!


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