Jun 12, 2018

The Search for a GREAT roommate Continues!!!

My search for a roommate for The Origin Event continues! No luck yet and we're down to (less than) 5 months! We are counting the months on ONE hand folks! It's getting SERIOUS!

So again, I ask, who's going to this super fun event?! It's like Apollycon--from what I've heard--only a little bit smaller. More intimate. Which those can be a lot of fun too!

I've already booked my hotel room for November 2-4. I've got two beds and I am looking to see if anyone in the blogosphere is going and wants to bunk up! I always want to hang out with bloggers when I go to these events but it seems I pick the ones where none of my fellow bloggers are going! Just my luck! Lol!

If you're planning to go this super cool event and want to share a hotel room to split the cost of the pricey rooms, send me an email! Or if you know other bloggers who might be going and they might be in need of a room or roommate send them my way! I'd truly love to hang out with another blogger(s) on this super fun weekend!

And if you haven't heard about this event yet, click here to go to the website!

My search continues on...!!

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