Jun 4, 2018

Let's Discuss: How Do You Deal with Stress?

I'm only 11 discussions away from being at top level for the Discussion Challenge! Instead of being able to pick a number beyond 41, I've just left it at 41+. I feel like trying to make myself do like a 100 would be too overwhelming. And since I may be out of a job soon, I don't want to add any unnecessary stress to myself.

Which I guess brings me to my topic today...

How Do You Deal with Stress?

It's hard really, there are so many different kinds of stress. With the looming idea that I might be out of the job I am really just trying to take things one day at a time at my company for however long I have. I'm also trying to find a new job, which honestly I was already doing since late last year. 

I feel like as a kid, no one ever told me how hard it was to actually find a job! They told me to go to school, get a degree, "jobs" like that! What they didn't tell me was that jobs also like to see X amount of years of experience. Because one can totally do all that at once! 

But that's getting off topic, I want to talk about dealing with stress. In light of my situation, I guess I just know there are things I can do, like go back on unemployment. I know that's why it's there, but I still hate going through that whole process. I did it three years ago when I lost my job the first time.

Keeping those things in mind helps to alleviate some of my stress. Other times I like to bake! Yeah...probably not terribly healthy to do because when I am stressed out my go to is chocolate chip cookies! Mostly for the dough too! Lol!

I might watch a movie or TV show that I enjoy that can make me laugh. I might read if there's nothing else going on. My first round of unemployment had me lying in bed pretty much every day reading...granted I was applying for jobs like crazy online. Each week I probably applied for 15-20 jobs and I think I was supposed to apply for at least 3-5. Like I wouldn't apply for more anyway! Lol!

Lately I have been trying to work on my novel again. It's mostly written, but I find myself going back and wanting to change little things. Tiny things that I wrote out god knows how long ago and I just don't care for them now so I am changing them to make them seem more real. Now I just have one or two things I was debating about and then I was going to try my hand at submitting to smaller publishers or indie ones. I struggled for a few years with trying to query agents, but since my genre isn't as "hot" anymore, perhaps now would be a better time to try again. It's always tough though, I feel like when my genre is pumping is a good time, but then I worry the agents won't see how my book stands out and then if my genre is not hot they probably won't want it because it's not selling currently. Seriously the worse conundrum! Lol! Hence why I might try with the few small publishers I noted accepting submissions.

So in the long run, my dealing with stress amounts to baking, reading, writing--if I am really, really in the mood, and watching TV and movies. What are you coping mechanisms when it comes to dealing with stress?


  1. I had to quit my job to take of my boyfriend of 4 years,who had small cell lung cancer which has spread, he is now going into his 6th cycle of chemo, well he started collapsing for no reason and each time he hit his head. The 2nd day he had to have staples put in! SO this has been very stressful for me, so I get real engrossed in reading,just to escape for awhile. I also color,which for me is very relaxing.

    Good luck with the discussion challenge!!

  2. Lots of things are stress relieving for me!! Reading books and knitting are my top two go to stress relievers. Taking part in book clubs and or knitting circles are helpful as you can interact with other like minded people that share the same hobby.

    Taking walks in nature like at a park, beach, or on a trail can be very helpful, especially if one has has an immediate stressful encounter/moment.

    Being laid off from work can be stressful no doubt!! Is there a way to do volunteer work in the field you work in to gain more work experience? For instance, a friend of mine has a sibling that is a paralegal and she volunteers within her community. Volunteering can provide a great way to potentially network with others that work in your field... Plus, volunteering looks good on one's resume.

  3. I lost my job as an attorney four years ago. I'd worked there 25 years and never looked for a job. So it was stressful and I had a big learning curve. I'm currently a contract writer who works at home. Low paying but I love the writing. I wish you the best of luck in your job search.

    Sounds like you've got some good ways to deal with stress. I'd also just lost my husband 8 months earlier from my job loss and found walking (my form of exercise) essential for my mental health. You might find it helpful too.

    Congrats on getting your manuscript done. That's a huge accomplishment! If your book is MG or YA, you should check out my database of agents at Literary Rambles. Many authors have used it to narrow their search for agents. Also I do agent spotlight interviews with query critique giveaways with agents if you want to enter. E-mail me privately if I can be of help.

  4. Wow! You're doing fantastic with the Discussion Challenge! You're blowing me out of the water!

    I hope your job search goes well. Before you query your book, you should probably try to get some critique partners. That's the advice that I've gotten A LOT. You want to make sure that you're submitting your very best work. I'd be happy to exchange books with you, if you're interested. Email me!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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