Jun 6, 2018

Let's Discuss: My Favorite Genre

Now I turn to yet another helpful list of topics! This was yet another "Like this tweet and X amount of likes gets you this fact about me" kind of thing! I felt like these made for great discussion ideas! This list was more in line with reading! The first topic up for gabs?

My Favorite Genre

It should be no surprise that my favorite genre is Urban Fantasy, extending it to Paranormal YA as well. I feel like in recent years I've been reading a LOT more YA than anything else! Though I do enjoy Fantasy reads as well, in both YA and adult.

What I've always loved about Urban Fantasy was the inclusion of paranormal elements in our modern day world. True, sometimes it might be futuristic but those can sometimes be more Dystopian with paranormal elements I think. Urban Fantasy is supposed to basically be a Fantasy read but in an Urban setting. To me, I see that as modern day world. It can be the city or more of an inner suburb type setting. When we say city my mind always goes to the downtown areas of places. Basically places that terrify me to go to alone! Lol!

Urban Fantasy will always be my #1 favorite genre, but as I said, I've included more over the years. Such as Paranormal YA, Fantasy, Fantasy YA, Paranormal New Adult, Thriller, Thriller YA, Paranormal Mystery, Dystopian (on occasion), Paranormal Romance (though those feel fewer and farther in between, they mostly are Urban Fantasy but with a heavier emphasis on romance, in my opinion)...I think that about covers it. As you can see a lot of them are just versions of Paranormal reads! Lol! I like to think of that as its own genre!

What is/are your favorite genre(s)?


  1. I haven't read many urban fantasy books because not a lot of them sound appealing to me. My favorite genre currently is contemporary. I also really enjoy sci-fi/fantasy.

  2. My favorite genre is romance-both paranormal,historical and contemporary, and I love a good action read, and am discovering YA-though some of it I just cant grasp at all!! I don't think I have read an Urban Fantasy yet,I probably will one of these days!!

  3. I'd say fantasy is my favorite. I like paranormal too, but I think I like "regular" fantasy a bit more than urban fantasy.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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