Jun 8, 2018

Let's Discuss: First Loves

Skipping around a bit on the list this time as I am writing these posts ahead of time. Find that on Sunday mornings I write a few discussion posts and then I try to work on my Bookstagram skills! Lol! So the next question didn't seem easy to answer especially since I am writing ahead and posting ahead. Which none of that seems to make sense since I don't want to say what that topic was! LOL!

Anyway, today's topic is...

First Book You Remember Loving

I can't say I can remember the exact first book. But as I've talked about sporadically over the years, the first vampire book I ever read and that pretty much set the course for wanting to read more vampire/paranormal books was Amelia Atwater-Rhodes' Demon in My View.

Probably part of the reason I picked it up was that the heroine shared my name, LOL! But I had remembered reading about Amelia in a magazine at the time. She was a young author who was published very early in life. And I think I might have read this book first, I can't really remember. I know I read her first book and liked it, but it was Demon in My View that I just remembered loving!!

I haven't read it in years and I know my tastes have changed, but I think I would still love this one. I read it multiple times. It's funny how so many years ago, seeing a 192 page book would seem like a daunting read. Even without Harry Potter books, I've still some 600-800+ page books! Just look at the A Court of Thorns and Roses books! 192 pages is definitely a one day kind of read!

This was also my first book in which the "villain" turned into a hero, so I really enjoyed that aspect too! And again, did I mention the heroine had my name? And that she gets the smoking hot hero in the end? Lol! So much easier to fantasize when you know the hero is in love with Jessica! Lol!!!

What was the first book you remember loving?


  1. I've never heard of this one but Amelia Atwater-Rhodes is an author I've heard a lot about. I don't remember the first book I loved but I remember reading Keeping The Moon by Sarah Dessen when I was 14 and after I finished it I immediately began re-reading it. It was also short at 228 pages. YA is so long nowadays.

  2. I haven't heard of this one! My first books I remember loving are two books from my childhood: The Girl with the Silver Eyes and The Ghost Next Door. Those are two that made me love reading!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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