Jun 11, 2018

Let's Discuss: Seeing Doubles

Today's topic is one that's weird! Lol! I mean when it's not weird or random with me? But I always find it rather odd when I see different books with the same covers! I mean, truly I have a basic understanding of copyrights and how some cover art is from stock photos, so it's warranted that you would see doubles at times.

Double Vision

I was coming up with a "Seeing Double" title when all of a sudden I started singing this song! Lol!!

But here's what I want to show you...

I had like three of these lined up but then suddenly the rest started popping up in the recommendations! As you can see, Pepe has been on a loooot of covers! He's more than just Daemon, but I think I'll always see him as Daemon! Even though I read about him as Death too! Then there's all of these books that I haven't ever read. But just wow! 

Since I will always see Pepe as Daemon despite his representation of several other characters, it makes me wonder, do other people think like this? Lol! I mean when you see a book cover model or even an actor, does that first time seeing them cement them as that character?

I've even seen Supernatural extras pop up in episodes of Castle and I can even remember what episode of Supernatural they were in. Not the actual episode name but a good guess to the season and a description of the episode plot! And I'm like it's that PERSON from Supernatural!! Even if the Castle episode predated their Supernatural appearance! Lol. Yeah, that's just how my brain works!

So that's my randomly weird comment for the day. I am not even sure what question to pose to all of you about this. It's just that weird and random! Do you liken people/cover models/actors to the first time you've seen them in something as that character name in future references?


  1. Pepe will always be Daemon for me as well. Met him at a book signing with JLA.

  2. I tend to cement book cover models as their characters, and cast members from TV shows as their characters as well! Whenever I see someone from Grey's Anatomy, for instance, in a different project, I always think of them as their TV character! I've seen Pepe on a ton of covers, but I also always see Daemon when I see him. :D

  3. Lool Pepe will always be Daemon for me too. I've also read the books by Abbi Glines, but nope, Daemon. Another book with Pepe there is the Significance series by Shelly Crane!

  4. Wow, I had no idea that that model was used on book covers so often! I haven't come across any book cover doubles yet, but I do always associate actors with their iconic roles. When I watch Sleepy Hollow I'm always a little distracted by seeing Rita Skeeter, Dumbledore and Mr Dursley.


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