Jun 22, 2018

Let's Discuss: Disliked Genres

Another topic taken from my helpful list! I've talked about my love of paranormal and all things weird or creepy and the like. But this topic I thought I would take a stab at because I did use to read it but I left it behind.

The Genre I Don't Read Anymore

And if you haven't already guessed it, that genre is Contemporary. Like I said, when I was a teen and was looking of Paranormal YA books and struggled to find them, I settled on Contemporary reads. It was when the Paranormal reads were really starting to thin out and the Contemporary reads were just suddenly annoying me.

Perhaps it was the ones I was choosing. Again this was the pre-blogging days so I had no recommendations to go on, just my whimsical choosing of books from Borders shelves--because it was always Borders...unless it was Waldenbooks their mall counterpart! Lol!

The books just weren't holding any interest for me. It was like the characters were happy not doing anything or were just getting too whiny for me. Again, I am saying this of books I was reading likely 10+ years ago because at one point I was just done. I decided to walk away from the YA section that was so filled with Contemporary books and venture to the other side of the store where the adult books were and a whole section of Sci-Fi/Fantasy was just waiting for me to come over!

That itself felt like a new experience as I started looking at books and pulling them off the shelves to see if it was something I wanted to read. 

Honestly this way of looking for new reads was very tedious. My mom pretty much parked it in the cafe after twenty minutes. I'd spend a good hour or so just walking the shelves as I looked for a new read because even as a teenager I HAD to have something to read. I couldn't not have a book. I did re-read, but every now and then I needed something new. Especially since I didn't know how to find out about new releases from authors I was enjoying. I just had to go to the store 2-3 times a month and look for new reads.

After I decided to leave Contemporary books I decided I never wanted to go back. Because I was thoroughly enjoying myself in the worlds of fantasy and paranormal. Ordinary lives no longer held an interest for me (again stating the opinion on the books I read way back when. Not even sure what Contemporary books are about these days).

I'm in no way bashing Contemporary books or people who read them. This was just my experience with them growing up and how I needed something more to my books to read and escape my ordinary life. 

Is there a genre you don't read anymore? Or is your least favorite but will read every blue moon? 


  1. I have to admit that YA contemporary is the ONLY contemporary I read, mainly because, as a teacher librarian, I like to read as much of the Children’s Book Council short list as I can, and they don’t often short list spec fic and never paranormal. And there is some very good stuff there nowadays, so perhaps you might consider checking out some of it.

  2. I didn't used to read much contemporary, but I've branched out a lot since I've started blogging, and I actually read a good bit of it now. Nut only YA contemp with the very occasional NA mixed in.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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