Apr 16, 2018

Let's Discuss: Dogs or Cats?

Still at a loss for topic ideas these days, so I turn to the helpful little list that I had saved for such occurrences! The next item up for gabs is...

Dogs or Cats?

Growing up we always seemed to have both in the house. I guess I never really had a preference for one or the other. It seemed that no matter what dog we had, they were always rather high maintenance! Lol! We seemed to keep with the trend of having two dogs at once because one always needs a friend! And it in both instances where we had two dogs, when it came to feeding time you always had to stand guard because one dog was a pig and the other was a slow eater! Lol! So yeah, feeding time was always lengthier than it should be!

We seemed to have good luck with cats. I remember our childhood one was a straight up rescue that was always nice, there was a meaner one from when I was a kid. Apparently when you're 1-2 and get too close (assuming I tried to pet it) it scratches you. Other than that one, our cats were always good kitties! Except of course for my late grandpa's evil demon spawn! We took it over after he passed and she remained evil to her dying day. Which it was still sad when that little hellion passed. And since she was our last cat, I'm not feeling too friendly towards kitties anymore! It was a 50/50 chance that our last one would allow you to pet her after she wanted you to pet her. It was that scary! Lol.

So I guess more dog than cat but not opposed to cats? Unless they were like our last one which was a hellspawn.What about you? Dogs or cats? Or both! Or none!


  1. I have had cats and dogs but I am definitely a dog person at this point. Our cat destroyed the floor of the entire lower level of our house. She died a few months ago but after 14 years of living with a cat tearing up your house, I don't want another one. We have 3 dogs and the only explanation is that we are insane :)

  2. I love both, but cats are so much easier than a dog. I don't have to worry about going off for the day because I need to find someone to stop by and let the dog out. Plus, my cat doesn't bark every time someone walks by the house... unlike my dog who barks at everything from people to bird chirping. However, if someone is looking to break into my house, the meows of my cat surely isn't going to deter them like my maniac dog will. LoL So, I guess the jury is still out with me.

  3. I love cats but they are strange creatures. We had one we called sweet and sour because she would love you then attach you you in two seconds flat. I don’t like litter boxes so no cats anymore for me. I do have two dogs and love them. I can’t see my life without dogs.

  4. We had both growing up. I don't mind cats, but have no desire to own one. Last summer we started feeding a neighborhood stray (everyone fed her) and when she disappeared I was sad. Plenty of people would have taken her in but she HATED being inside. I still miss Snowball. I've always been a dog person though. They are much more personable and less aloft. Love my pups!

  5. I like both cats and dogs both. Cats and small dogs tend to be best for condo living, which is the type of dwelling I currently reside in. I tend to be partial to dogs a bit more than cats... Although, cats tend to be more low maintenance in my opinion as dogs tend to need walks and seem to demand more attention than cats. Anyway, Pomeranians have been my pet of choice these days.

  6. I love my pups, and I'm definitely a dog person. I do think that cats are cute (especially kittens!), but I'm allergic to them, so I've never really been able to try owning one.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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