Apr 27, 2018

Let's Discuss: Family Ancestry

The next topic is an interesting one, but yet at the same time, I'm not going to be able to elaborate simply because I don't know the answer! Lol!

Family Ancestry

I only know my mother's side in regards to family ancestry as I never really talked about with my other grandparents. Not sure why...go figure! Lol! My grandpa had Irish blood in him and my grandmother had German. Naturally I take after my grandpa's side more because I am super white and freckled. I burn to a crisp when in the sun, so that's part of my aversion to heat and sunlight. But plus it's just hot and unbearable to be in!

So yeah, basically, that's the short answer to it and the only one I got! I've always been happy to have taken after my mom's side of the family more than my other "parent".

What's your family ancestry? 


  1. Another thing we have in common! I have Irish blood on my dad's side and German on my mom's. So I freckle and only tan slightly, but burn way too easily. My hair started off strawberry and then lightened to very blonde (no complaints from me here), but I seem to wash out on photos. And when I work out or otherwise raise my core temp, my skin turns red so everyone thinks I am not okay.

  2. I've always been really interested in genealogy! My dad's side is less extensively known; mainly Russian and Polish Jews who emigrated in the 1800s. But my mom's side I can go back hundreds of years- lots of English and German blood, some back to early colonial America. I've found a little Scottish over the years as well.

  3. Irish and German that's cool! I'll have to find out mind. My Family is from Spain but I know my grand grand ma's folks were gypsies so I think there is a lot of potential for a melting pot there :)

  4. I know a little about our ancestry as one side did a bit of genealogy stuff, and even though there were larger influences I was interested to find out we have some Czech nationality! That was neat to discover, especially since Prague has been one of my bucket list cities for a long time! Fun post!

  5. On my dad's side, I'm half Italian, half German. My mom's dad was German and her mom was a bit more of a mix with some Irish in there and probably other stuff too. The only part of my ancestry I really connect with is the Italian, though, because my grandmother was 100% Italian and was born in Italy---and she was the grandparent I had the most connection to and heard her story. The others are just sort of distant knowledge. But I don't look Italian at all!

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