Apr 26, 2018

Let's Discuss: Haunting Locations

This topic idea sounds fun! Though my answer is already brewing and I am not sure what I will say in the end...

If You Were a Ghost, Who or Where Would You Haunt?

Any takers? My first initial reaction is to say I'd haunt the Haunted Mansion at Disney World! They're always looking for one more to join them anyway! Lol!

But I'd think my answer would be the bookstore! Yes, I will be the ghost that haunts the bookstore. Patrons will see books floating at odd levels because I will be reading them, it just depends on where I will read them, lol! Like sitting in the chair or at the table, for yes I will have Patrick Swayze teach me how to hold corporeal objects and whatnot. I will dismantle my TBR pile one way or another!! Of course, I'd need access to my books to read at the bookstore, haunting the bookstore is so I can read the new releases and possibly snag the ARCs if they get them too!

Where would you want to haunt?

1 comment:

  1. Haunting a bookstore would be perfect! That or a library---maybe more opportunities for spookiness there. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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