Apr 23, 2018

Let's Discuss: Favorite Weather

Ironically, on the handy dandy list of topic ideas, this topic came up and I had me a chuckle! It seems weather all the over the US has been out of whack lately and it's the neverending winter! Speaking as someone who generally likes the colder temperatures, I can even say I want it to be spring...which is really really weird! I don't want summer, god no, but just slightly warmer than what it's been!

Favorite Weather

I guess I would say my favorite season is fall! I love the cooler weather, mostly because in St. Louis our summers are hot, humid, and looooooooong! They are like neverending! It's hot and sticky and just gross! And people here, like it! I don't get it! I've never lived anywhere else my entire life and I have always hated the gross humid heat and just heat in general! It's miserable. Why people here like it is beyond me! They drive with their windows down in the summer! Granted, I could say that a small percent likely has AC issues, but not everyone! I see way too many people with windows down for it all to be AC issues.

So that was a sidetrack of my I-hate-summer-weather rant, but back to favorite weather. Fall. Yes, fall! I love cooler temps without it being super cold, all above freezing temperatures. Just the perfect kind of coldness where you can comfortably wear jeans and a sweatshirt. I like my sweatshirts! They're so cozy and comfy. Fall is just a great season!

What is your favorite kind of weather?

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  1. I think I would like spring best if it weren't for my allergies. But I'm mostly a summer girl, I have to admit. I think fall is pretty, but it doesn't last long enough and I HATE winter!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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