Apr 11, 2018

Looking for a Roomie!

Here's your monthly reminder that I am still in search of a roommate for The Origin Event that is happening this November 3 in Austin, Texas!

If you haven't heard about this event yet, here's the website with all the details and how to buy tickets!

I have booked a room at the event hotel, as St. Louis is a little far away and I have family in Dallas, but even that's not worth the drive when I can make things easier on myself and stay at the hotel! So there's that! I'm only staying 2 days, coming in on Friday, the event is Saturday and I will leave Sunday, so basically just a long weekend. Anyway, I would LOVE to room with another blogger! I try to find a roommate for these events every time and have only had success once! 

So, even if you're thinking of going with another friend, ask to see if they want to share a room 3 ways! There's 2 queens in the room so we can go up to four! Just let me know! My email is up in the menu bar under review policy. Or you can reach out to me on twitter as well @aGREATreader.

Until next month friends!


  1. So hate that I am not going. Hope you have a blast!

  2. I've never even heard of The Origin Event until now!! So, it sounds like The Origin Event is another Book Festival with author signings... Gotta love those!!

    I won't be attending The Origin Event, but will keep it in mind for future years.

    I'm attending The 4th Annual Bay Area Book Festival next weekend in Berkeley, California and am so excited!! It will be my 4th time attending this annual book festival. I love hearing the various author speaking events and having authors sign copies of their books for me afterward!


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