Apr 9, 2018

Let's Discuss: Favorite Season

Okay, needing more ideas for discussion posts I turned to a handy dandy little list I found for another kind of posting thing, and the next item up for gabs is...

Favorite Season and Why

Being in the Midwest we basically have two seasons, at least we do in St. Louis, either really, really cold or really, really, REALLY hot...with humidity! So yeah, fun times! Lol!

But I am a fan of Fall! Fall is my favorite season because it's basically the best of both worlds, it's not too hot but not too cold! I can still wear a sweatshirt and jeans and be comfortable. Usually no need for a jacket! Fall is just a wonderful kind of weather! I am definitely a fan of the colder months/times! My philosophy is that I can always bundle up and wear layers to keep warm when it's cold, but when it's sweltering hot, there's nothing to be done but suffer, because yeah, less clothes isn't really helpful! Lol!

I feel like Fall has always been my favorite season, well I do enjoy Winter too! Yeah, I'm weird. I'm not saying I like the snow part, it's pretty and all, but as a working adult, you learn that there generally, is no such thing as a snow day, so driving in all that muck is definitely not enjoyable! Yay Fall!

What's your favorite season?


  1. I love fall too. Yes because I do not have to wear a jacket but comfy in a sweatshirt or sweater. I use to love the winter I still do only when it snows during the holiday after that I want it gone. Getting to old and get tired of having to put layers and layers of clothing on. Oh my goodness it seems to take forever to go anywhere.

  2. I am thinking we may be skipping spring this year in the northeast. It's been way too cold for April (31 degrees this morning), and I feel like we will go straight from this to hot without having those nice in-between days, which are my favorite.

  3. My favorite season is Autumn. So much so that I named our littlest Autumn. I like how the air smells, the orange, gold, red leaves. The days are warm and the evenings cool. I love the spicy scents that come along with it.


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