Aug 29, 2014

A Poll for You!!

Hey all! If you look to the right of my blog, you'll notice a poll! The Spooktacular Giveaway Blog Hop is coming up soon and I plan on having a giveaway again (for the US followers only, sorry!) and I was wondering what book to put into the goodie bag!

I thought of a few titles and I thought I would let you ALL decide! So go ahead and vote and I will pick the book up and add it into the mix for the giveaway come October!

EDIT: I had to re-post the poll, as I noticed a typo that was driving me bonkers! I always type too fast apparently! I had one vote for Dracula and I unfortunately lost that vote when I had to re-post the poll. So if you have voted for Dracula, please re-vote again! I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience!

1 comment:

  1. I don't live in the US yet I voted. Although I haven't read it, The Glass Casket sounded like a nice fantasy on Goodreads. May be someone will enjoy it.


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