Aug 14, 2014

Random Thursday

So yeah...I had a particular post planned, but then I realized, I did that one already! Who'd thought I would run out of so many random thoughts?!

Now this is totally random! Seriously I had to think of stuff, looked around my room and then thought...aha!

Now this is purely a hypothetical kind of question, or I guess marketing or something like that can easily be the answer. But why do the "movie people" sometimes change the DVD cover to something that totally wasn't the movie poster?

For ex:

So the one on the LEFT was the original theatrical release poster and the one on the RIGHT is the DVD release--even video because, yeah, it was that old! Does anyone know what VHS's are still?

Anyway a change was done, obviously. Maybe because you couldn't make out Hugh and Kate, I don't know really. What I LOVED about the original poster was that you got to see all 3 monster movie icons! The Wolfman, Dracula, and Frankenstein's monster. On the DVD, we're missing Franky! That's really the only thing I don't like about the DVD poster.

And there was your totally randomness for the day! Tune in next week where I start a special running of Jaws facts! Yes, Jaws facts! lol!

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  1. I like the original poster too! The DVD cover just looks kind of cheesy and how do you forget about Frankenstein when he was a major character in the movie?

    Jaw facts sound like so much fun! I'll definitely tune in :)


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