Aug 21, 2014

Random Thursday

Are you ready for a good few weeks of some random facts about the movie Jaws?! This is one of my fave movies ever, no clue why. Just watched it once when I was a kid and liked it! It scared me, but I liked it!

Yup, that's young Steven being eaten by the shark that gave him so much grief and stress!

So the mechanical shark that was used gave Steven a LOT of problems. I mean a LOT! Everywhere on the island you could here radios saying, "the shark is not working".

Basically the star of the movie, was NOT working! LOL! So this is when photographers Ron and Valerie Taylor shot live footage of sharks at Seal Rocks, Australia. Yup! Some of the footage you see, in particular when Hooper was in the shark cage, is real live footage of sharks!

Another thing Steven did was use the camera as the "shark", so that we're in its POV! Many think this technique enhanced the chilling effect of the movie. And I personally think it did. Like in the beginning, we're swimming under the ocean and it's all like what is going on...?!

And then we see the shark swimming beneath the swimmers later on...freaking creepy!!

I'll have more little fun facts for you about the movie too for the next few weeks! So, stay tuned for some true fun facts of one of my all time favorite movies!


  1. Jaws completely made me scared to death of sharks, so much I don't go in the ocean.

    great set of facts.

  2. It was shark week not long ago and AMC had like this Jaws marathon! I must have watched Jaws like a dozen times that week. There's so many interesting facts about the making of this movie, as I learned when I read the wikipedia article. The mechanical shark not working was a godsend, since it forced the crew to suggest the shark's presence in much more creative, subtle ways without actually showing it, and that made it so much more creepy and Hitchcock like.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  3. That's interesting about the shark not working! I haven't watched the movie though. I have no idea why.


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