Aug 5, 2014

Review--From Fear to Eternity by Michelle Rowen

Newlywed vampires Sarah and Thierry de Bennicoeur have their whole undead lives ahead of them. And with Thierry’s job as a consultant for the Ring sending them across the globe to solve one vampire crisis after another, eternity may never have a dull moment.

Sarah was hoping the honeymoon would literally last forever, but when Thierry receives a mysterious invitation to an auction held in an old Beverly Hills mansion, it’s clearly time to get back to work. Thierry hopes to win a powerful amulet containing a wish-granting djinn that has eluded him for centuries. Unfortunately, Atticus Kincade, head of the vampire council, also has his eye on the item.

When the auction’s host reveals his unpleasant history with Thierry, and Sarah discovers a talking head in the freezer, things get even weirder than usual. But when the amulet goes missing, and everyone is suddenly trapped inside the mansion, the undead guests find themselves in mortal danger—and Sarah had better be careful what she wishes for.

From Fear to Eternity is yet another lovely cozy paranormal mystery by the incredibly brilliant Michelle Rowen! It might even be the last one, I am not positive on that but even this ending has an air of finality, but yet, there is definitely loads of room for more! I mean Thierry and Sarah are only 1 month into Thierry's 50-year contract with the Ring!

This time, the couple is interrupted during their honeymoon by a peculiar invitation to come to a private auction where an item of interest will be offered. The item is a magical amulet containing a djinn, and Thierry is hoping to get this lost item back as he thought it lost many, many years ago.

The night will be one that no one will forget and it's filled with several surprises too! The host, Sebastian has a connection to Thierry, not only that, but one of the other guests is Veronique, his ex-wife. Yeah, this is definitely going to be a fun night! At the auction's end, just as Sarah and Thierry believe they have bought the amulet, the amulet is missing and a powerful deity proclaims that they must find it and the djinn who escaped before sunrise...or else bad things will happen to them all. And this is what leads to a group of vampires traipsing around a mansion searching for a small, delicate necklace...and a djinn. Fun times!

What really starts to rack up the tension is when the partygoers start to be murdered one by one. This was an unexpected twist to the mystery because naturally, that means the murderer is one of them. Hello Clue! The signs are obviously pointing to the host Sebastian that Thierry is tied to from the past, but there's still the matter of the djinn and amulet to find before everyone else is likely to die by a powerful deity.

This mystery was quite fun too! There's a rather unexpected twist towards the middle that completely derails our characters, but it was rather interesting, fun, and a tad bit funny too! Wouldn't mind having that experience myself with other "works"--you'll know what I mean by that once you read the book as I don't want to give you more details!

This was yet another fast-paced read that I managed in a day! Cozy paranormal mysteries are a lot of fun for me! There's just enough paranormal element to enjoy and a mystery is always great too! Plus, just because this is deemed "cozy" doesn't mean there's no danger or action, there's plenty of that in here as well! One that has you on the edge of your seat and gripping the pages!

I found myself able to successfully guess who-dun-it this time around, but not their whole master plan in details. It's always fun to guess right too! If only you follow the clues...and yet, sometimes you really do just need to guess!

It was a delightful read and I once again found myself enjoying the story and characters quite a bit, despite not knowing their full backstory from the previous series. All in all, a very good read!

Overall Rating 4/5 stars

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  1. I'm glad this second installment was just as enjoyable for you, Jessica. I'm definitely going to have to check out this series.


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