Aug 21, 2014

I Need Some Help...In an Opionated Matter!

Hey all!

I have a book dilemma going on here! And it's really more of a "vanity" dilemma.

I was debating over buying the UK covers for the Divergent trilogy...

Here's the kindle bundle version, but I would buy the real book version.

What do you all think of these? I kinda thought they were pretty cool! Very different from the US ones. I was even debating about adding the UK Four to the mix too!

Living in the US, I basically buy US covers, but occasionally I get a hold of UK covers--either through contests or as in last week, the bookstore had it! UK covers tend to be different from the US and I sometimes find myself lusting after know, in a way only a booklover can!

What do you all think I should do? I really like them all and think they would be neat to have. Although, I really don't have room for more books, but when has that ever stopped me? (Answer, practically never! ;)  )

Your opinions will greatly be appreciated in the comments! ;)


  1. Go for it! If the bookstore has it, I don't see why not. :) I know tons of people who buy multiple copies of the same book with different covers because they want them for their collection.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  2. Go for it, dude! I always love our UK covers :D I actually didn't get these versions though, but instead got these ones:

    I love how simple and kind of creepy they are!

  3. I am very biased since I am from the UK, but I would so go for it! I have these covers and they are so pretty!

    I hope you sort your dilema out soon! :D

    Thanks for sharing !

    Alex @ The Shelf Diaries

  4. I'd go for it! I really like them. One time I bought a paperback copy of a book I had been wanting, but then I saw the hardback and thought it was so much better than the paperback. Voila! Two copies of the same book, lol! Plus think of all the bloggers who have admitted to buying a new set of Harry Potter books for the covers when they already have a set. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion! :D


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