May 17, 2018

Let's Discuss: Choosing Superpowers

This question I feel like we've had before, but I am totally game for talking about it again! My answer has changed quite a bit. I feel like I have three answers that I always go with, but now one of them has remained my go to answer!

What Superpower Would You Choose?

My answer has always fluctuated between flying or being able to function without sleep because hello! That would totally annihilate my TBR pile! 

But I think my true answer now has become I would choose the power to teleport or apparate. Whichever you want to call it. I want to be able to put myself in any other place in all the world with just the thought of it! Do you know how much traveling I could get done? Do you know how many book signings I could go to and never have to worry about traveling and needing to decide which one is most important to use a vacation day for?

Granted I would still travel the old fashion way for longer periods of time. You know, to keep my amazing power a secret and all. But yes, I'd definitely choose to teleport!

What superpower would you choose?


  1. hmmm. I love this topic of conversation. I have it many times over again. I would fly or teleport. I mean the time that you would be saving is awesome. Not to mention you could get out of harms way fast. So it would come in handy with fighting as well, and saving people. So all in all a travel power is what I would choose for sure.

  2. I never knew I wanted this superpower until I watched Doctor Who -- but I'd want the power to travel in time!


  3. I would love the ability to teleport too! I get really travel sick on every form of transportation so it would be perfect for me. Bad day? Just snap your fingers and you're sipping rum on a Carribean beach. Book research to do? Suddenly you're in Italy at the Colosseum or at the pyramids of Giza. Missing someone? You can be right with them in an instant. I used to want to be telepathic, but now I'm older I realise that I actually wouldn't want to know what people are thinking all the time; some things are better left private.

  4. I have thought about this and THOUGHT ABOUT THIS and I would choose a photographic memory. Maybe then I'd actually be able to remember the plot of the book I read last week... Ha!

  5. I want to become a witch. Is that a superpower? Anyways, I want to be magical. I want to attend Hogwarts. I want to have my own wand and own magical things like flying cars, Invisibility Cloak. And a Pensieve so I can record memories of how a book makes me feel right after reading.

  6. Teleportation would DEFINITELY be my choice! That would be the best power ever!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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