May 12, 2018

Let's Discuss: Teaching Subject?

I'm skipping around on my little list, because yes, I was initially going in numerical order with it. But then I saw a question/topic that I felt like I was ready to answer RIGHT NOW! Lol! Here we go...

If You Had to be a Teacher, What Subject Would You Teach?

My answer? Short story class! Though I still think short stories are harder to write, because after reading so many I still can conceive of how to take a little idea and just write about it and not expand upon it and all that! Lol!

I think it would be kind of fun to teach that class, because I'd like to think, for the most part, that the students in the class want to be there. 

And unlike my dreadful high school teacher, I would NOT reprimand a student for writing more than 5 pages. Yes, my horrible teacher was MAD at me because I wrote a story that was more than 5 pages (but still under 10 for crying out loud)! I thought I'd make it single space to make it 5 pages, and she was not happy with me. When I took the class in college and got upgraded to 10 pages, I worked really hard to keep it at 10. Then my critique group said they would've been happy to read more if I had gone over! So what did I do the next time? I went all out and wrote more and it was possibly just over 10 pages and what does the professor do? Gives us NEW critique groups, let's keep mixing things up. What happens after that? We stayed in the SAME group for the rest of the semester and I never got to show the people who enjoyed what I wrote the sequel that was longer. Sob!

So yes, short story class is definitely something I would want to teach! What would you want to teach if you had to?


  1. Short story class would certainly be fun to teach! My first choice would be an English Literature class and my second choice would be Philosophy & Ethics.

  2. I was actually a teacher for 12 years, and I taught chemistry, physics, and astronomy. My undergraduate degree was in chemical engineering, and I loved science, so I tried to teach it. (PS I did not like teaching)

  3. Well, I've taught at my homeschool co-op for the past several years---acting, language arts and writing. I'd love to teach a short story class specifically.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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