May 10, 2018

Let's Discuss: Historical Fangirl/Boying!

So yeah, I'm jumping around here, not that you can probably tell! I had planned to just write three posts for the week and then one of the topics was something I really wanted to talk about but I had to skip one and now I can't leave it unskipped, so now I will have 5 posts for you this week! And since it's Thursday, and you've read (possibly) three of them, you'll see that I am already going all over the place! Lol! Today's topic...

If You Could Meet One Historical Figure, Who Would You Choose and Why?

Hmm...this one's hard. I am not a huge history buff so I don't really have a favorite person from the past or anything. As I am trying to think over classic literature and all that, which I read as required but never really found a favorite author from that time. As I say this though, I am thinking of the Brothers Grimm! Because man, did I love those fairy tales growing up! I read a select few of them when I was just a kid. Ones that were in a miscellaneous collection of fairy tales and it's possible it was edited for some content.

As we all know, the Brothers Grimm wrote fairy tales that were dark and creepy. Heck, this is what fairy tales were really like! We tend to get confused with Disney movies sometimes, because those are fairy tales too...just highly censored. I mean, Ariel didn't die...though that was Hans Christian Andersen, but Cinderella's stepsisters never chopped off a single toe or heel! Come on! Lol!

I am not sure what I would want to talk to them about. Probably the same thing I do when I meet authors now. Either just be stunned silent that I am MEETING ! And since I read the Brothers Grimm a LOT growing up I can see me just being stunned silent again!

What historical figure would you want to meet? And of course, as I did, you can take "historical" to mean whatever you want! Doesn't have to be a president or widely known person in history! I am assuming to mean just about anyone who is dead and we're just saying it less morbidly! Lol!


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  1. Hmmm ... the Brothers Grimm might be sort of twisted. Could make for interesting conversation. LOL!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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