May 22, 2018


Hello all, today I want to talk you about a beloved series of mine that is in danger of being cancelled. And technically, is cancelled temporarily for the moment. Though I have had seen a previously loved series cancelled and then 6 years later the finale was written, though let's hope it doesn't take nearly this long to save A Book of Spirit and Thieves!

I know many of you may have read the Falling Kingdom series and enjoyed that, but did you know that A Book of Spirit and Thieves takes pace in the same world? True we don't get to see our beloved characters, but we have a whole cast of new ones to fall in love with instead!

The book is sort of divided in half, we still have our multiple narrators telling the story from different angles. Half of them are in modern-day Toronto and the other characters are in a very familiar place, Mytica. Though Mytica is set in the past, as in our favorite heroes haven't quite been born yet (from my gatherings).

In the first book alone, Becca touches a mysterious book and collapses into a coma. Unbeknownst to her family, her spirit has traveled to Mytica and has no idea how to get home. She meets Maddox, a boy who thinks she's a ghost and the two form a friendship of sorts.

Back home, Crystal is trying figure out what's so special about the book Becca had been looking at. Then she meets Farrell Grayson who's a member of the super secret Hawkspear Society that is after that very book. Farrell will remind you of another arrogant sort of character, but we all know how that one lasted! Lol!

I realize that at the time, we had these first two books coming out among the Falling Kingdom books, which had its own list of narrators. For some, I know too many points of view can be difficult, it can for me at times as well and it might have overwhelmed me when I started Falling Kingdoms but it wasn't long before I couldn't get enough of it. So if too many points of view was why you held off reading this series, I hope you would give it a second chance now that the Falling Kingdoms series has come to an end! It's really the PERFECT time to start reading this series.

As it stands we only have two books in what was meant to be a trilogy. If we can make miracles happen and I truly believe that we can, all we need is for Morgan to write that one last book, because OMG the cliffhangers! I know, I know, I am asking you to read and possibly post reviews around the web about this series and how awesome it is...I am asking you to read a 2/3 books where one ends in some pretty dicey cliffhangers. I know, it's hard, it's unthinkable! I would never willing do this to any of you, but you guys...CLIFFHANGERS! I am already suffering!!

Imagine one of your favorite series, one that ended in cliffhangers on occasion. Now think of the book that ended with the biggest cliffhanger of them all...and now imagine the publisher saying WE'RE DONE! I've already had to live through this with Gena Showalter's Intertwined series. I've lived with hearing there would be a book and then the next year being told nope, not happening! I've lived through SO MUCH heartache with cancelled series and the teasing of there being a finale and it never happening.

But if we can all continue to buy this series, continue to post reviews on websites like Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million and all the other bookish places that I am not aware of, I know, I KNOW we can get the publisher and likely Morgan too, to write that final book! I've seen it happen you guys! It's happened after 6 long years in between the books (I'm going on 7 years of agony with Gena's series). Anyone else remember Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie's Wicked series? Yeah, that series started in the early 2000s and was cancelled in the early 2000s, it wasn't until 2009 that we got the finale. So it has happened before!

Since we're just coming up to 2 years since The Darkest Magic released we're not doing too bad. The publishing schedule had to change for reasons as Falling Kingdoms was overlapping and time constraints and other little things had happened for Morgan. So I haven't completely lost my mind. Though Amazon telling me just last week that The Cursed Thief would be releasing this August was a punch to the gut since it's clearly not (and yes I had this one preordered already! I preordered almost a year ago to the day...unless I've passed that day, I'm not in that email at the moment).

We can make this happen you guys, we can get the publishers to change their mind! Sales and numbers all matter. So we need to make sure we've bought the books to this series and read them and then post reviews at all the right websites. It doesn't have to be overly long, but we're readers and reviewers and let's face it, sometimes we talk a lot about books--I am most definitely pointing at myself here! Lol!

So if you've read and loved the Falling Kingdoms series I beseech you to now read the Spirits and Thieves series! It's just as entertaining, exiting, spine-tingling and oh-so-incredibly-amazing as Morgan's first series! So please, please help save ABOSAT! Help put an end to the pain and insanity that readers like me are now going through! You can make a difference! You can change the publisher's minds! I know we can do this!!

Here is the post that Morgan wrote just last week about the series and what spurred me to write this mile long post!

And if you'd like, here are the reviews I wrote of A Book of Spirits and Thieves and The Darkest Magic! Read them and see how freaking awesome this series is and why it MUST BE SAVED!!!

Here's what I am going to do! I am going to give away copies of A Book of Spirits and Thieves and The Darkest Magic to one lucky reader! It's open to wherever the Book Depository will ship, so international folks, this means you!!! Here's the rafflecopter, now have at it!!

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  1. I have not read the Falling Kingdom series yet but Ii do own the first three on kindle. I am hoping to read them this summer! Good luck I hope you're able to help save this series!! It's such a bummer that it is on put on hold currently. I hate when that kind of thing happens.

  2. Oh man I missed this! It makes me so sad I love this series :( I'll have to help you push it some.

  3. I haven't read any of the series but I see people recommending them so I added both on my TBR.

  4. Okay, I've only read one book in the Falling Kingdoms series so far, but I feel your pain and I want to help you save this series. It's horrible to have a series end abruptly in the middle!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  5. From the Falling Kingdoms, I've only read up to book 4, but I'm planning on reading the rest, because the story is great! Now, I didn't even know about this series, and now I'd really like to read it, despite the words from the author about future books. Thank you for the chance!


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