May 14, 2018

Let's Discuss: Perfect Days

This next topic idea on my handy dandy list presents a bit of a struggle, for there are many possible answers. And it got me thinking what kind of perfect day are we talking about? A day filled with activities or just lounging around reading all day?

Describe You Perfect Day?

I mean, we all know April 25 is pretty awesome, lol! I guess for me I'd be happy with having a nice day where I read an entire book--because for me getting a book started and finished all within the same day is pretty rare these days just because life is so busy! Then wrap-up the evening with a book signing! And heck, let's get fantastical and say it's from the book I just read in an entire day! I think that would be a pretty perfect day! And let's add to that fantasy and say that I got to have dinner with the author prior to the signing as well, because signings tend to run pretty late these days! Lol!

I think that would be a pretty perfect day! Though as to what author we're talking about, let's go with Stephanie Garber just because I've accumulated a loooooot of her books! Lol! I did meet her once last year, so I'm not without having met her. But I have been collecting her books like crazy these past two years and I am already waiting for release day to come around so I can wait for my UK Legendary copies to arrive and see what hidden covers I still need and then quickly try to get in touch with Waterstones to get whatever remaining covers I still need! Lol!

So that about sums up what would be a perfect day for me! What would your perfect day entail? It can be any kind of perfect too! Vacation style, real life style...whatever style!

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